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March 29, 2018

180 new cases of dead or dying coal ash spill workers, lawsuit says

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Knox News – Tennessee discovered in its probe evidence, including secret video filmed by workers at the cleanup site, that a TVA contractor overseeing the work lied to laborers about the toxicity of coal ash, refused to provide them protective gear, threatened to fire them if they brought their own, manipulated toxicity test results and abandoned testing for the most dangerous chemicals entirely well before the seven-year cleanup effort ended.

Attorneys John Dupree, Keith Stewart and Jim Scott already had filed lawsuits in U.S. District Court against that contractor — Jacobs Engineering Inc. — on behalf of 53 dead or dying workers.

But in the months since the series's publication, more workers and survivors of workers have come forward with tales of similar conditions — lung diseases, cancers, skin conditions and other ailments linked in medical research to the toxic stew of chemicals and metals in coal ash.

The attorneys have now filed a new lawsuit in Roane County Circuit Court on behalf of an additional 180 dead or dying laborers. The death toll among the workers now tops 30. Sickened workers now number at least 200.

Read more at Knox News.

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