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April 14, 2017

5 Unresolved Issues Facing Robo-cars

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EE Times – Given all the advancements of Artificial Intelligence and a rash of announcements about business and technology firms partnering to develop robo-cars, the self-driving promise seems self-evident.

Tech companies and carmakers are sticking to a self-imposed deadline to roll out sometime between 2019 and 2021 their first Level 4/Level 5 autonomous cars. Nobody is publicly backpedaling — at least not yet.

Under the hood, though, the engineering community is staring at multiple problems for which they don’t yet have technological solutions.

Some issues are closely related, but in broad strokes, we can squeeze them into five bins: 1) autonomous cars’ driving behavior (negotiating in dense traffic), 2) more specific and deeper “reinforcement” for learning and edge cases, 3) testing and validation (can we verify safety on AI-driven cars?), 4) security and anti-tampering (preventing a driverless car from getting hacked), and 5) the more philosophical but important question of “how good is good enough” (because autonomous cars won’t be perfect).

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