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May 16, 2018

6 states sue maker of OxyContin as they battle expenses, human costs of opioid crisis

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USA TODAY – Attorneys general in six states filed lawsuits Tuesday against the maker of OxyContin and other pain medicines, for what the Texas attorney general called misleading marketing tactics that are fueling the nation's opioid epidemic.

Texas' lawsuit accuses Purdue Pharma, the privately held manufacterer of OxyContin, of violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by aggressively selling its products "when it knew their drugs were potentially dangerous and that its use had a high likelihood of leading to addiction," state Attorney General Ken Paxton said at a news conference here.

“As Purdue got rich from sales of its opioids, Texans and others across the nation were swept up in a public health crisis that led to tens of thousands of deaths each year due to opioid overdoses,” Paxton said.

Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota and Tennessee filed similar lawsuits Tuesday against the drugmaker with headquarters in Stamford, Conn. All were filed in state courts.

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