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August 29, 2017

From the Abacus to Supercomputers to Quantum Computers

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Duke University – If using quantum mechanics to compute problems that are unsolvable with today’s fastest supercomputers sounds outrageously ambitious, that’s because it is. There are many experts who say that it can’t be done.

But that’s not stopping Jungsang Kim, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke University, from pursuing the impossible. A pioneer in translating theoretical quantum physics into physical hardware, Kim has been engineering the components for a quantum computer at Duke for more than a decade.

And he’s starting to sniff the finish line.

“We’ve put together and demonstrated all of the individual components needed to build a large, scalable quantum computer,” said Kim. “We are convinced that within the next few years we could turn this technology into much more sophisticated quantum computers with the potential to solve problems considered impossible today.”

Read more at Duke University.

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