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HR 2120, Buses United for Safety, Regulatory Reform and Enhanced Growth for the 21st Century (BUSREGS-21) was submitted to the House on April 25, 2017. According to Bus and Motorcoach News, the Bill is designed to reform existing regulations to improve safety and expand investment to facilitate further job creation.

The Bill is divided into 13 sections. Section 12, Requirements for NHTSA, states that the motorcoach and school bus industries should be included in in the development of regulations and policies pertaining to autonomous vehicles:

(b) Inclusion Of Industry Regarding Autonomous Vehicle Policy.—The Secretary shall include and consult with the motorcoach and school bus industries through its representatives, including motorcoach and school bus manufacturers, companies operating motorcoaches and school buses, and motorcoach and school bus industry associations, in all phases of development of autonomous vehicle policy and proposed regulations.

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