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September 12, 2017 5:00 pm

Comment Deadline: NIH All of Us Child Enrollment

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The Child Enrollment Scientific Vision Working Group of the All of Us Advisory Panel seeks public input on the pediatric research that the All of Us Research Program may be uniquely positioned to enable through the enrollment of children. Specifically, the group is inviting comments on the following questions:

  •  What are the most significant short- (0–5 years), medium- (5–10 years), and long-term (more than 10 years) precision medicine research questions that could be addressed by the inclusion of pediatric populations in the All of Us Research Program?
  •  What are the key gaps in current pediatric study designs that might be appropriate for All of Us to address through the enrollment of children (for example, preconception studies, sibling studies, etc.)?
  • What are the research resources that the inclusion of children into the All of UsResearch Program could potentially generate (for example, innovative algorithms, methodologies, etc.)?

All responses must be submitted via web form by September 12, 2017, for the working group members to consider during the development of their report.  For more details, please see the NIH Request for Information NOT-PM-17-004.

Inquiries may be sent to

Text courtesy of NIH All of Us Research Program announcement.