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October 23, 2017

Eli Lilly is making a $1.8B leap into the mRNA field, targeting next-gen cancer vaccines

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Endpoints News – Eli Lilly is diving into the messenger RNA arena, signing off on a heavily back-ended $1.8 billion deal with Germany’s CureVac to develop up to 5 new-wave cancer vaccines.

CureVac is getting $100 million in cash to kick off the collaboration, split between an upfront payment and equity stake. Then there’s a package of $1.7 billion in milestones on the table.

In turn CureVac will be tasked with designing a slate of new cancer vaccines that uses mRNA tech to instruct the human immune system to target a specific set of neoantigens. While past cancer vaccines have generally proven to be ineffective though safe, a number of developers have been hunting down specific patient antigens that can be leveraged for much more precise targeting — with a greater likelihood of success.

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