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March 1, 2018

Energy firms push for leeway in rewrite of Obama climate rule

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The Hill – Energy companies and their allies want the Trump administration to give them a wide amount of leeway when writing a replacement to the Obama administration’s climate change rule for power plants. 

In comments submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which were due this week, fossil fuel interests, utilities, business groups and others asked the agency to write a rule that doesn’t require any coal-fired power plants to shut down, doesn’t mandate any actions outside of the power plants themselves and that gives state leaders maximum flexibility in deciding how to comply. 

“EPA should fully recognize state authority to determine standards of performance that are less strict than they might otherwise be based on a particular source’s remaining useful life or other factors,” the National Mining Association told the agency. […]

The EPA solicited the comments last year as part of an effort to repeal and replace the Clean Power Plan. That rule, the central piece of the Obama administration’s second-term climate change agenda, envisioned a 32 percent cut to the nation’s electricity sector’s carbon dioxide emissions, a policy shift that was expected to hit coal the hardest. 

Read more at The Hill.

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