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June 28, 2018

Environmental coalition believes TVA is deliberately slowing solar program

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Times Free Press – Solar advocates are accusing the Tennessee Valley Authority of deliberately mismanaging and slowing its solar program.

Business and environmental groups involved with the coalition Tennesseans for Solar Choice are pointing to low quarterly growth to claim the agency is making it clear its solar program is mismanaged, has stalled or is completely broken. However, TVA leaders say renewable energy is a top priority for the state's biggest power producer, and they believe the solar program will continue to grow in 2018 and beyond.

Fewer than 2 megawatts of solar power were added to the grid in Tennessee in the first quarter, with year-to-date applications for residential and small business solar down 73 perfect from 2017, according to GreenTech Media research. Contracts for large-scale solar projects environmental groups believed were going to be released in the first quarter still have not been, and coalition members believe TVA is missing growth opportunity for the state as more businesses and individuals look to areas with viable renewables.

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