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March 15, 2018

Faith groups ask Trump to stop off-shore drilling plan

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The Hill – Hundreds of church leaders are asking President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to halt plans to expand off-shore drilling in public waters because they are "unacceptable risks to God’s oceans and coastal communities."

In a letter sent to Trump and Zinke Thursday, the religious leaders said the drilling plan should be reconsidered as it brings "unacceptable risks to God’s oceans and coastal communities."

"God created the oceans with an abundance of life and, as stewards of God’s earth, we should work to preserve and protect God’s marine creation. As people of faith, we also uphold our duty to love our neighbors. Oceans provide food sources and livelihoods for millions in the U.S. and globally," the letter reads.

The group of religious leaders, mainly of individual churches representing Catholic, Jewish and evangelical faiths, among others, warned that no drilling company could guarantee the safety of ecosystems and the environment.

Read more at The Hill.

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