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March 26, 2018

FERC decision a boost to renewable energy in New England

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New Hampshire Union Leader – The New England power grid will soon become the first in the country to include renewable generation as part of the bidding process by power supply owners to provide energy three years down the road.

In a 56-page ruling issued on March 9, the five-member Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the plan, with one member dissenting.

The idea that state-sponsored renewable energy projects, like the Massachusetts request for proposals that was initially won by Northern Pass, would compete with nuclear, oil or coal-fired power plants in the market for future capacity was considered free-market heresy not long ago.

But with New England states promoting and subsidizing renewable energy in a variety of ways, the operator of the regional power grid, ISO-NE, proposed a way to integrate renewable generation into what is called the Forward Capacity Auction — an annual event in which power supply owners bid on the price ISO will have to pay them to guarantee they’ll be around three years down the road.

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