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March 20, 2018

The fight to finally send nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain

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Washington Examiner – The negotiations to pass a fiscal 2018 spending bill this month include a quiet effort by a Republican lawmaker from Illinois to restart plans to store the nation’s nuclear waste in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.

There are no nuclear power plants in Rep. John Shimkus’s district in the southeastern region of the state. But the long-decommissioned Zion nuclear plant in northern Illinois is home to stored waste that Shimkus said would be better off moved to Yucca Mountain, which the federal government chose three decades ago to serve as the repository for all of the nation’s spent nuclear fuel.

“It’s fenced and guarded, it’s on Lake Michigan, and the city can’t develop that site,” Shimkus said of the closed Zion plant.

Many other closed or soon-to-be-decommissioned sites need a permanent place to store nuclear waste, as do active nuclear plants that could be forced to close due to a lack of safe disposal space.

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