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February 12, 2018

Fighting 'Misguided' Lawsuits, Chevron Shows It Can Play The Climate Change Blame Game Too

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Forbes – Chevron Corp. has filed a third-party complaint against Norway’s state-owned oil company Statoil, seeking to include it in lawsuits by California cities and counties over global warming.

Chevron describes the lawsuits as a “misguided attempt to blame Chevron’s production and promotion of fossil fuels for global climate change” but says if it’s liable for damages, then Statoil is too. The suits by eight counties and cities - including San Francisco, Oakland and San Mateo - name most but not all of the world’s leading oil and gas producers.

“Statoil, like Chevron and each of the other Defendants in these actions, has engaged, and continues to engage, directly and through its agents in the United States, in the production and promotion of `massive quantities of fossil fuels,’” Chevron said in the Dec. 14 complaint. Statoil was not immediately available for comment.

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