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The Security, Enforcement, and Compassion United in Reform Efforts (SECURE) Act of 2017 directs the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to achieve situational awareness and operational control of the U.S. southern border and to deter and detect illegal activity in high traffic areas.

The bill authorizes National Guard and Department of Defense support to secure such border.

The bill provides for:

  1. additional border control and immigration personnel,
  2. reimbursement to state and local prosecutors for federally initiated immigration-related criminal cases,
  3. expansion of biometric technology and data, and
  4. immigration detention capacity increases.

The bill includes use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) by US Customs and Border Protection as part of a broader effort to improve border surveillance and technology, and mentions the PredatorUAS and “small” UAS weighing under 55 pounds as examples. UAS will be required to fly 24 hours per day, 5 days per week along the southern border of the US, including land and maritime operations.

DHS shall establish:

  1. a National Border Security Advisory Committee,
  2. the Integrated Border Enforcement Team program,
  3. Tunnel Task Forces, and
  4. a biometric exit data system to complete the required integrated biometric entry and exit data system.

Operation Stonegarden, a program to provide grants to eligible law enforcement agencies for the purpose of enhancing border security, is established in DHS.

DHS shall reinstate and operate the Secure Communities immigration enforcement program.

DHS may construct new ports of entry along the northern and southern borders.

The bill revises provisions regarding:

  1. alien apprehension and detention,
  2. nonimmigrant admissions,
  3. parole authority,
  4. sanctuary jurisdictions,
  5. unaccompanied alien children,
  6. human smuggling and trafficking,
  7. drug trafficking and crimes of violence committed by illegal aliens,
  8. visa and passport security,
  9. background checks,
  10. status adjustment,
  11. naturalization,
  12. asylum,
  13. terrorists,
  14. expedited removal,
  15. immigration-related crimes and penalties, and
  16. DHS positions in U.S. territories.

This content was adapted from the Bill Summary for S 2192 authored by CRS.

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