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March 14, 2018

Grid Operators Report to FERC on Grid Resilience

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Greentech Media – Energy Secretary Rick Perry's bid to shore up coal power plant revenues by claiming they’re critical to the country energy security was rejected by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in January. 

But that FERC order came with a demand for the grid operators that serve about two-thirds of the country to examine the “resilience” of their transmission networks against superstorms, cyberattacks, or other potentially destabilizing threats (Docket No. AD18-7-000).

Friday was the deadline for independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs) to respond to FERC’s initial 18 questions about resilience. Some are fundamental, such as “explain how you identify and plan for risks associated with high-impact, low-frequency events (e.g., physical and cyber attacks, accidents, extended fuel supply disruptions, or extreme weather events).” 

Others are more complex, such as the questions about how grid operators share responsibility with power plant operators, distribution utilities and other key partners for keeping the grid stable. 

Read more at Greentech Media.

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