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August 29, 2018 4:00 pm

Hearing: Energy and Education – What’s the Connection?

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The House Committee on Natural Resources will hold a hearing in Roosevelt, Utah, titled "Energy and Education – What’s the Connection?" 

Our nation’s schools are one of the most critical public services provided to our communities. Nevertheless, education facilities and resources remain underfunded in many parts of the country. For western States, funding these services is particularly challenging due to the tax-exempt status of federal lands within their borders. Many western States attempt to offset losses in private tax revenue with revenues generated through energy development on federal lands. States utilize their share of federal onshore mineral revenues to provide critical public services, including public K12 education, as well as colleges and universities. Although energy production can provide a revenue stream to offset the lack of taxable lands, overly-burdensome federal leasing and regulatory requirements have discouraged greater development, resulting in lost revenue for the federal government and States and jeopardizing greater investment in education and other critical public services.

The hearing will review these challenges and avenues to encourage greater development of federal lands and provide much needed resources for States and, in turn, education services.

Witnesses include:

  • Mr. Spencer Stokes: Utah State School Board
  • Mr. Jeff Hanke: Social Studies Teacher & Coach, Union High School, Roosevelt, Utah
  • Ms. Annalee Birchell & Mr. Nathan Wallace: Students, Union High School, Roosevelt, Utah
  • Mr. Brad Horrocks: Uintah County commissioner, Utah
  • Mr. Ron Winterton: Duchesne County commissioner, Utah
  • Mr. Dave Ure: Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, Utah 
  • Ms. Kathleen Sgamma: Western Energy Alliance, Denver, Colo. 
  • Mr. Shaun Chapoose: Ute Indian Tribe

Members of the public may attend in person. More information is available at the Committee's website.