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Honor Our Commitment Act of 2017 (HR 1685, 115th Congress) Download PDF

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Directs the Department of Veterans Affairs to furnish mental and behavioral health care to certain individuals discharged or released from the active military, naval, or air service under conditions other than honorable.

Updated last May 31, 2017
for the 03/22/2017 version of HR 1685.
What it does 

HR 1685, the Honor Our Commitment Act of 2017, provides certain mental health coverage from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to veterans who were discharged from the military for some reason other than honorable and who have a diagnosed mental or behavioral health disorder, if that disorder was diagnosed prior to the discharge or within five years after the discharge. The provided mental health care would be the same that the VA offers to currently-enlisted service members for mental or behavioral health disorders. This bill would go into effect 120 days after its enactment. 


HR 1685 was introduced in the House on March 22, 2017. It was referred to the Committee on Veterans' Affairs and its Subcommittee on Health on the same day.


Sponsor: Representative Beto O'Rourke (D-TX-16)

Cosponsor: Representative Mike Bost (R-IL-12)

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