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July 20, 2018

IBM and the VA extend their Watson collaboration in guiding veterans’ cancer treatments

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FierceBiotech – IBM and the Department of Veterans Affairs have agreed to extend their precision oncology partnership for another year and continue their work in applying Watson technology to the treatment of veterans with late-stage cancer.

VA oncologists have been using IBM’s Watson for Genomics programs to help guide precision care for more than 2,700 patients since the project was launched over two years ago as part of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative. The extension will allow VA staff to continue using the program through at least June 2019.

The department, through its TRICARE health program, treats 3.5% of the country’s cancer patients, making up the largest group of cancer patients within a single healthcare group. Meanwhile, the VA’s Million Veteran Program aims to create a massive medical and genomic database through the collection of blood samples from 1 million volunteers.

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