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June 20, 2018

IBM Watson Layoffs: Is Healthcare AI Ready for Prime Time?

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BioSpace — IBM recently reported a round of layoffs at its Watson Health unit, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to work in healthcare. The company spokesman, Doug Shelton, told The Herald Sun, that the layoffs “affects a small percentage of our global Watson Health workforce as we move to more technology-intensive offerings, simplified processes and automation to drive speed.”

MedCityNews questions this, pointing out that prior to the Memorial Day weekend, The Register reported the company laid off 50 to 70 percent of Watson staff members in Dallas; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Cleveland; Denver and other locations. At least part of the underlying issues appears to be whether the hype behind AI in healthcare was supported by practical uses.

it may not be completely clear how much AI is going to be used in making healthcare decisions any time soon, it’s fairly clear that biopharma companies are utilizing AI in sorting through the massive reams of data they work with.

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