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May 2, 2017

Interior Department appoints top energy adviser

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Washington Examiner – The Interior Department announced Monday that it is appointing an Energy Department veteran to coordinate its energy goals across the agency's nine bureaus.

Vincent DeVito was appointed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to serve as the department's counselor for energy policy "to strengthen and better coordinate the department's vast energy portfolio," the Interior Department announced.

The appointment comes just days after President Trump signed an executive order defining the administration's policy on offshore energy development.

Zinke called DeVito "the best of the best" the private sector has to offer when it comes to helping achieve the "goals and missions" of the agency. "Like President Trump and myself, Mr. DeVito recognizes that American energy resources create jobs and revenue and that we can both promote responsible energy development and protect traditional multiple use through responsible stewardship of our treasured public lands for future generations to come."

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