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August 10, 2017

Investigators are calling out Betsy DeVos' controversial 'brain training' company for misleading advertising

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Business Insider – An investigative unit overseen by the Better Business Bureau has recommended that secretary of education Betsy DeVos' brain training company, Neurocore LLC, remove claims from its website that suggest it can help treat illnesses without medication.

In a statement released Wednesday, the National Advertising Division took issue with several of the benefits that the neurofeedback company advertises on its website, including that it can help people "overcome ADHD — without drugs," "control anxiety without medication," and "strengthen your brain to fight depression — without medication."

Neurocore's CEO Mark Murrison told Business Insider that the company will appeal NAD’s decision to the National Advertising Review Board, one of the main trade organizations that regulates advertising. NAD also notes in its statement that its recommendation is not a finding of legal wrongdoing — it is ultimately up to Neurocore to remove or modify its claims.

Read more at Business Insider.

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