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July 9, 2018

LEEDCo wind project tentatively OK'd, but must show plan it will not harm birds and bats to operate at night

  • Government
  • Agency
  • Industry
  • Energy – The first-ever U.S. freshwater wind turbine project has been recommended for approval on Lake Erie, with some restrictions.

On Tuesday, the staff of the Ohio Power Siting Board recommended the state allow the construction of the project. But developers must have a still-to-be-approved bird and bat monitoring plan in order to operate at night, except during the deep of winter.

The Lake Erie Energy Development Co., or LEEDCo, has spent more than five years negotiating with the OPSB in response to its demands for additional information on the impact of the wind farm on the environment. Construction is now tentatively set to begin in 2021 -- 18 years from the initial discussions that were financed in part by the Cleveland Foundation and Cuyahoga County.


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