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July 11, 2018

Perspective: How Many Deaths Will It Take To Raise Urgency On Concussion And CTE Solutions?

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Forbes — Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski killed himself on Jan. 16, and it was revealed on Tuesday that he had the early stages of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Medical examiners said he had the brain of a 65-year-old, his mother, Kym Hilinski, said on NBC's Today show.

One of the major symptoms of CTE, which is caused by multiple blows to the head, is depression. I have been campaigning for almost 30 years for the prevention and treatment of athletic concussions, holding over 10 seminars and workshops, and this death adds to the growing urgency for research and breakthroughs to make sports involving collisions safer.

The fact that concussions are a worldwide issue involving multiple sports — AYSO soccer, hockey, football — as well as motorcycle accidents creates the potential for change. There is now a clear profit incentive to innovate, from medical personnel to engineers. Here are some areas that need to improve.

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