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Need help understanding the regulatory process or understanding a scientific term? Let us help by directing you to sites with great information on the latest cutting edge science.

Policy Related Resources

To better understand the processes that create statutes, regulations, executive actions and judicial decisions please consider visiting the links below.

Regulatory Resources

The Federal Register provides the most complete and updated listing of pending and final regulatory guidance and rules impacting science and other policy topics, find out more about the Federal Register and how to use it. They also provide an excellent guide to the rule making process.

Legislative Resources

School House Rock created the the classic familiar to many of us, I’m Just a Bill, in 1976 – it’s a great, easy to understand introduction to the legislative process. Kids in the House offers a great overview of the basics around how a bill moves from Introduction in Committee to being signed into Law by the President, a link is available here.

For a more in depth level of analysis, the United States Library of Congress offers an excellent set of resources through its page How Our Laws Are Made.

For a very brief summary of the process that leads to making regulations, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s site The Basics of the Regulatory Process.

Executive Actions

Differentiating between the types of actions taken by the President and the power behind them can be confusing, these pieces from the Brookings Institution and NPRhelp to make it more understandable.

Judicial Decisions

SCOTUSblog provides an excellent breakdown of the procedure that leads a case from local courts to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Science Related Resources

If you find that after reviewing the Relevant Science section of any of our policy briefs have not helped you to fully understand the science related to a piece of policy, consider looking to the following resources for additional information.

To keep up with news in the areas of science and technology more generally, consider using the following resources online


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