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May 19, 2017

Robotics / AI – SciPol Daily, 19 May 2017

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Duke University – Duke in DC panel leads conversation on artificial intelligence and jobs

Duke in DC hosted a conversation May 10 on Artificial Intelligence and its coming effect on the job market. The first in a new series called Ethical Policy Conversations, last week’s event sought to expand the scope of policy and popular discourse about the next generation of jobs in America. Before a diverse crowd of policymakers, regulators, academics and industry professionals, panelists highlighted the value of collaboration between those groups in crafting policies and strategies on artificial intelligence (AI) that work in a changing job environment.

Engadget – MIT's camera drones are smart enough to get the perfect shot

Over the last few years we've seen more camera drones than we can count, but getting the best footage out of them will take something extra. While many big budget productions are already using drone cameras, a system developed by MIT and ETH Zurich researchers goes beyond mere Steadicam or even subject-tracking, by allowing the director to define exactly how a shot is framed.

Forbes – GE Partners With Harvard Hospitals To Harness Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

General Electric’s healthcare division will partner with the corporate parent of two of Harvard University’s teaching hospitals to develop artificial intelligence products for medicine. The goal: to leverage the company's dominant position in medical imaging into a new ownership of medical AI.

Forbes – See How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Medical Diagnosis And Healthcare

A digital health company from the UK wants to change the way a patient interacts with a doctor through the creation of an artificial intellignce (AI) doctor in the form of a AI chatbot. Babylon Health raised close to $60 million in April 2017 to diagnose illnesses with an AI chatbot on your smartphone. Around the same time, Berlin and London based start up Ada, announced its push into the AI chat bot space.

Fortune – How AI Is Changing Your Job Hunt

A few years ago, Jason Freeman was confronted by a classic hiring challenge. The 10-person startup he had founded, an online commercial real estate service called, was growing and needed to rapidly staff up. Suddenly, it seemed, Freedman, who had myriad other duties as CEO, was spending hours at a time sifting through towering stacks of résumés. He was overwhelmed. The solution appeared in the form of artificial intelligence software from a young company called Interviewed.

MIT Technology Review – StarCraft Pros Are Ready to Battle AI

Message from the world’s best StarCraft players to the world’s most advanced AI: bring it on. The space-war computer game is widely regarded as the ultimate challenge for AI programs due to its complexity and rapid pace. Expectations for a match-up between a professional StarCraft player and sophisticated AI ratcheted up last year after an AI program beat a highly ranked human player at Go, one of the world’s most difficult board games. At the time, a number of AI experts pointed to StarCraft as the next target for an AI-versus-man showdown.

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