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March 14, 2018

Ryan Zinke suggests 'riskier' offshore drilling plan likely to be scaled back

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Washington Examiner – Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Tuesday he is prepared to scale back his controversial proposal to massively expand drilling in federal waters off the U.S. coasts.

“What we are seeing is more production onshore than offshore,” Zinke said during testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, seemingly downplaying offshore oil and gas prospects. “There is no question offshore oil and gas drilling is riskier. It's riskier for a number of reasons, one is environmentally."

Governors and other politicians along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, worried about potential spills, have said they oppose Zinke’s plans, and some have vowed to block drilling.

At least 12 states want to be removed from the drilling plan, after he said he would exclude areas off Florida after Republican Gov. Rick Scott complained.

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