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July 20, 2018

Self-driving bill critics oppose maneuver to clear Senate

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Automotive News – Safety and consumer advocates are urging senators to reject a parliamentary maneuver to secure passage for stalled legislation governing self-driving cars by attaching it to a must-pass reauthorization for the Federal Aviation Administration.

The AV START Act, which would create a framework for regulating deployment of automated vehicles on public roadways, has strong bipartisan support, but is being held up by several Democrats who say the bill in its current form gives industry too much leeway to ignore basic safety standards when the technology remains unproven. Absent those objections, the bill could pass by unanimous consent without a vote.

In a letter to senators, more than five dozen groups said the AV START Act deserves to be fully reviewed and debated, and have amendments, because it could guide auto safety policy for decades. The FAA bill is also an inappropriate legislative vehicle, they argued, because there is a stark difference in how federal aviation policy handles autonomous systems compared to the self-driving bill.

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