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Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act (HR 1556, 115th Congress) Download PDF

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Amends title 10 of the United States Code to direct the Secretary of Defense to make certain limitations on the transfer of personal property to Federal and State agencies, and for other purposes

Updated last April 3, 2017
for the 03/16/2017 version of HR 1556.
What it does 

Under section 2576a of title 10, United States Code (10 USC 2576a), the Department of Defense is authorized to provide excess property to local law enforcement agencies, which allows police and sheriff’s departments to acquire military grade material for use in their normal operations. The Defense Logistics Agency administers this through the Law Enforcement Support Office program. Through the program, more than $4,000,000,000 in weapons and equipment have been transferred to police organizations in all 50 states and four territories.

HR1556 proposes additional reporting requirements for local law enforcement and limiting what equipment can be transferred by the Department of Defense. Among the types of property identified by the Bill, “Drones that are armored, weaponized, or both” would no longer be eligible for transfer under the program.


The Bill was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Armed Services on 03/16/2017.


Sponsor: Representative Henry C. "Hank" Johnson (D-GA-4)