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May 3, 2017 9:00 am

Third Meeting of the FAA Drone Advisory Committee (DAC)

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The third meeting of the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) will be held on May 3. The DAC is a component of RTCA, which is a Federal Advisory Committee. The DAC provides the FAA with advice on key UAS integration issues by helping to identify challenges and prioritize improvements. The agenda will likely include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Official Statement of the Designated Federal Official
  • Welcome and Introductions, Review of the Second DAC Meeting
  • Approval of Minutes from the Second DAC Meeting
  • FAA Update
  • DAC Subcommittee (SC) Co-Chairs Statement
  • Report out of DACSC Task Group (TG) 1 (Roles and Responsibilities)
  • Discussion of TG1 Recommendations
  • Report out of DACSC TG2 (Access to Airspace)
  • Discussion of TG2 Recommendations
  • TG3 (UAS Funding) Update
  • New Assignments/Agenda Topics
  • Adjourn

Attendance is open to the interested public but limited to space availability. With the approval of the chairman, members of the public may present oral statements at the meeting.

Full details are available in the Federal Register