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February 2, 2018

Trump administration tears down regulations to speed drilling on public land

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The Washington Post – The Trump administration is aggressively sweeping aside regulations protecting public land to clear a path for expanded oil and gas drilling.

memorandum from the Interior Department, made public Thursday, directs its field offices “to simplify and streamline the leasing process” so that federal leases to the oil and gas industry can be expedited “to ensure quarterly oil and gas lease sales are consistently held.”

According to the memo, which was dated Wednesday, doing so will ease such “impediments and burdens” as months-long environmental reviews that assess the impacts of drilling and potential spills on land and wildlife.

The new approach requires the Bureau of Land Management to process a proposed lease within six months. Once-mandatory public participation in safety reviews is now left to the discretion of the agency’s field representatives. Public protests of finalized leases will be shortened to 10 days, and a sale can move forward even if disputes are unresolved, according to the memo.

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