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July 20, 2018

Trump names third Dow executive to the help run USDA

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Quartz – Donald Trump selected a new head of scientific research for the US Department of Agriculture this week: Scott Hutchins, an entomologist who has spent his career at Dow Agroscience’s pesticide and seed division. His work focuses on chemical solutions to farm pests. The unit became known as Corteva Agriscience in 2017, after Dow merged with DuPont.

The White House released the news of the nomination as the US president was making headlines for his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. The post has broad implications for the future of American agricultural science and policy-making.

As Mother Jones pointed out, if approved by the Senate, Hutchins would become the third former Dow Chemical employee to hold a key position within the USDA since Trump took office.

Read more at Quartz.

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