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August 8, 2017

Trump Touts 'Clean Coal,' But His Policies Don't Support It

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TIME – President Trump told a crowd in the coal mining-heavy state of West Virginia on Thursday that he had fulfilled his campaign promise to end the "the war on beautiful, clean coal," adding that "we are putting our coal miners back to work."

"I made you a promise during the campaign . . . and as you've seen, I've kept that promise," Trump said. "We've stopped the [Environmental Protection Agency] intrusion. American coal exports are already up."

But at the same time, the Trump administration is pushing measures that would slow the development of what is often referred to as "clean coal." Also called carbon capture and storage, clean coal involves taking carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and either storing them underground or using them for another purpose, like oil and gas extraction. The "storage" aspect keeps the emissions from contributing to man-made climate change.

Trump's budget proposal, released in May, would slash the budget of an Energy Department program working on clean coal by 55%. (Congress will almost certainly restore some of that funding when it passes a budget).

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