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September 14, 2017

Washington: Tacoma sues opioid manufacturers for ‘harms they have inflicted on the community’

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The News Tribune – The City of Tacoma is suing three manufacturers of prescription opioids, alleging the companies’ actions have fueled the city’s homelessness crisis, strained police resources and caused the city’s health insurance costs to skyrocket.

City Manager Elizabeth Pauli said the city is joining other state and local governments in “seeking to hold opioid manufacturers liable for the harms they have inflicted on the community, and the financial burden their product has caused taxpayers.”

“We will vigorously pursue these claims and are exploring all of our available options at this time as we work to protect our community members from the harm caused by the companies that put their profits ahead of our community’s safety,” Pauli said in a news release.

Read more at The News Tribune.

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