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July 17, 2018

White House continues push for public-private collaboration on AI

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FedScoop – The Trump administration wants to leverage a coalition of the public, private and academic sectors to ensure the U.S. has the lead in artificial intelligence development.

Michael Kratsios, U.S. deputy CTO and the current de facto head of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, said that while the administration is pushing for agencies to make AI a priority in their research and development spending, it also wants to partner that with the private sector and academia to help outpace competitors like China on development.

“I’m always going to bet on the American innovation ecosystem,” he said Tuesday at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s AI Summit. “What has made the United States an engine or the home for the greatest technological innovation over the last 100 years? My answer to that is our R&D ecosystem. What is our ecosystem? It’s one part federal funding, one part private sector and one part academia.”

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