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May 8, 2018

Will the Clean Power Plan Repeal Come with a Replacement?

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Scientific American / E&E News – High-level EPA staff is quitting, ethics controversies are dogging the administrator and investigators are scrutinizing employees’ behavior.

But deregulatory work is chugging along at EPA, including efforts to finally get rid of President Obama’s signature climate change policy.

EPA is planning to finalize a repeal of the Clean Power Plan—Obama’s rule to cut power plants’ greenhouse gas emissions—and is considering proposing a replacement rule. Observers say the timing and the specifics of EPA’s next steps will determine how strong the agency is heading into the court battles guaranteed to come.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has a choice between finalizing a Clean Power Plan repeal and coming up with a replacement at a later date, or rolling out a finalized repeal and a proposed replacement at the same time. He could also decide not to replace the rule, an outcome favored by a number of far-right conservatives but widely seen as the most legally vulnerable option.

EPA isn’t commenting about which course of action it’s planning, though the agency is further along on finalizing a repeal, while it has yet to issue a proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan.

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