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October 10, 2017 8:30 am

Workshop: FDA-AACR Liquid Biopsies in Oncology Drug and Device Development Part II

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Technology has evolved to enable the development of tests that can detect signs of cancer in blood and other bio-fluids. Although liquid biopsies are an exciting development, this technology presents with a set of unique regulatory concerns, particularly in establishing analytic and clinical validity. This session will build upon a July 2016 U.S. Food and Drug Administration-AACR co-sponsored workshop on liquid biopsies and will examine the regulatory challenges in adopting this technology for early detection, disease monitoring, and the potential use as surrogate end point markers for drug development.

More information, including the workshop agenda and registration link, is available via the AACR invitation.

Slides, audio recordings, and transcripts are available via AACR for the July 2016 "Part I" workshop.