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No Hero Left Untreated Act (HR 1162 / S 514, 115th Congress)

  • Government
  • Elected Body
  • Neuroscience

Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to carry out a pilot program to provide access to magnetic EEG/EKG-guided resonance therapy technology to veterans.

Updated last March 15, 2017
for the 05/23/2017 version of HR 1162 and the 03/02/2017 version of S 514.

Services for Ending Long-Term Homelessness Act (HR 161, 115th Congress)

  • Government
  • Elected Body
  • Neuroscience

Amends the Public Health Service Act to establish a grant program to provide supportive services in permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals and families.

Updated last January 26, 2017
for the 01/03/2017 version of HR 161.

District Court for the Northern District of California rules on claims that supplements affect protein metabolism in the brain (Racies v. Quincy Bioscience, LLC)

  • Government
  • Judicial
  • Neuroscience

Original Development Brief – Determines that plaintiffs cannot sue under California law merely for lack of substantiation, nor would they have standing to seek injunctive relief in similar cases, but they may sue for defendant’s misrepresentations of “body chemistry”.

Updated last December 22, 2016
for the 05/19/2015 decision.

SSA Implementation of the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (Final Rule)

  • Government
  • Agency
  • Neuroscience

Implements provisions of the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 that require Federal agencies to provide relevant records to the Department of Justice for inclusion in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). 

Updated last May 31, 2017
for the 12/19/2016 Final Rule.