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July 17th

US offshore to ‘top 3.5GW’

reNEWS – Offshore wind capacity in the US could reach 3.5GW by 2026, according to a new report by Westwood Global Energy Group (WGEG).

July 14th

Neuroscience – SciPol Weekly, July 8 – 14

In this week's Neuroscience SciPol Weekly, new efforts to create a Zika vaccine; criminal challenges around opioid distribution; signs of brain injury in the blood of MMA fighters; and how white-collar jobs are linked with neurodegenerative diseases.

July 14th

Genetics / Genomics – SciPol Weekly, July 8 – 14

In this week's Genetics / Genomics SciPol Weekly, considering the ethics of precision medicine; court challenges to abortion laws in Arkansas; new concerns about monetary conflicts of interest in science; and collecting human DNA from mosquitoes. 

July 14th

Robotics / AI – SciPol Weekly, July 8 – 14

In this week's Robotics / Artificial Intelligence SciPol Weekly, how to limit drones from flying in dangerous or restricted areas; analysis of Audi's level-3 autonomous car; and an AI lawyer that can help you resolve parking tickets.