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May 18th

Wood filter removes toxic dye from water

ScienceDaily – Engineers at the University of Maryland have developed a new use for wood: to filter water. Liangbing Hu of the Energy Research Center and his colleagues added nanoparticles to wood, then used it to filter toxic dyes from water.

May 18th

First 'nanotherapeutics' delivered to a tumor

ScienceDaily – For the first time, researchers have demonstrated a way to deliver a drug to a tumor by attaching it to a blood cell. The innovation could let doctors target tumors with anticancer drugs that might otherwise damage healthy tissues.

May 18th

Lawmakers decry Trump plan to slash NIH 2018 budget

Science – Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in the U.S. House of Representatives voiced their displeasure with the Trump administration’s proposed $5.8 billion cut next year to the budget of the National Institutes of Health.

May 17th

Neuroscience – SciPol Daily, 17 May 2017

In today's Neuroscience SciPol Daily, new advances in brain implants; voluntary concussion protocols in the world of cycling; how being an only child affects the brain; and calls for stronger regulation of fentanyl after an accidental death.