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July 11th

Fusion energy pushed back beyond 2050

BBC News – We will have to wait until the second half of the century for fusion reactors to start generating electricity. A new version of a European "road map" lays out the technological hurdles to be overcome if the processes powering the Sun are to be harnessed on Earth.

July 11th

Montana: Gov. Steve Bullock signs expanded youth concussion bill

Missoulian – An earlier Montana law requires public schools to adopt policies that educate coaches, parents and others on youth concussions. This year, the Legislature approved and Gov. Bullock signed a bill that expands the requirements to private schools and youth athletic organizations.

July 10th

Perspective: Drones and federalism

The Washington Times – Last week, drone industry executives told President Trump they needed more regulation, not less, before they could expand further. But the answer isn’t to keep waiting on Washington. It’s to make use of one of our nation’s founding principles: federalism.